VIDEO: Out Of Control Pit Bulls Go On BRUTAL Attack In NYC (GRAPHIC)

Brutal Pit Bull Attack

The dogs were seen licking up the victim’s blood off the street during the savage attack.

Pit bulls have long been held in fear by many people as they have the capacity to attack and brutally maim anyone who gets on the wrong side of them.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard of any incident involving pit bulls though, which suggests that they might actually be the nice dogs that we suggested they were some time ago. But then something like this happens and it totally change your perspective on them.

The video below was recorded towards the end of last week over in the Bronx, New York and features two pit bulls brutally maiming 62 year old artist Francesco Bove, who was so messed up after the attack that he thought he was going to die and asked a priest to read him his last rights as he lay bleeding on the ground. People tried to get involved and break up the attack by swinging chains at the dogs but it was to no avail, and it was only when the police showed up with tranquilliser guns that it was finally over.

The damage was done though – although Franceso didn’t die, one of his ears was ripped off and the other was split in half, whilst there were lacerations and holes all over his body. Absolutely screwed up. The owner of the dogs – the guy in black – was arrested and there’s some speculation that he may have trained his dogs to be attack dogs and ordered the attack himself.

If so that’s even more screwed up but the evidence is clearly there in this video – people are also claiming that the pit bulls licked the victim’s blood off the street, indicating that they had a taste for it and wanted to finish the job. This kind of stuff shouldn’t be happening anywhere, let alone New York City. Absolutely brutal.

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If this ever happens to you though, check out this video which shows you how to stop a dog from attacking you instantly. Useful.


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