Israeli ‘Queen Of Guns’ Is The Most Terrifying Instagram Model On The Planet

Just a little bit intimidating.

An Israel army vet turned Instagram model has been dubbed the ‘Queen of Guns’ by combining her love for revealing outfits and guns that has seen her rack up 500,000+ Instagram followers.

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Orin Julie, 25, spends time equally between Israel and America, and claims America has ‘the best gun laws in the world’. So yeah, sounds like she is a bit of a weapon herself. 

The former Israeli Defence Force fighter says she gets ‘huge excitement’ whenever she fires a gun, and has set up ‘Alpha Gun Angels’ to promote women in the international gun community. I think the entire right wing just jizzed themselves!

Just trying to imagine chatting Orin up in a bar and saying the wrong thing to her. She’d probably shoot you in the head before you’ve ever had the chance to say sorry.

I don’t want to say anything else about her that she might find offensive so enjoy another hot/terrifying look at her Instagram:

Speaking of guns, did you see the new trailer for Rambo ‘Last Blood’? He’s nowhere near as sexy as Orin but the film itself looks pretty awesome.


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