Builder Finds The Original Godfather Script And Didn’t Even Know It

The Godfather Movie Script

Talk about dumb luck.

Movie scripts huh? They’re not exactly the coolest things in the world, but you would think if you stumbled across an original script to a classic movie like The Godfather that you would at least realise it, but this dude didn’t according to this story.

A woman living in London got talking (flirting) with a builder who was working on her house and he told her that he had recently come across an old movie script whilst on a cleaning job at an old tea warehouse. Intrigued the woman asked him to bring it over the next day, and couldn’t believe her eyes when he turned up with an original bound script to The Godfather, complete with some handwritten notes. How the hell did that turn up at an old tea warehouse in London huh?

Although it seems really stupid that this guy didn’t realise what he had his hands on, the pictures back it up and there’s no reason for her to lie about it either, so I’m pretty down with just believing that this guy is just dumb, or foreign or something. To be fair he was a builder so that works out too, that’s not a diss on builders being dumb, just that a lot of builders in London seem to be Polish or another nationality and they might not know The Godfather movie or even what it means in English.

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Godfather Script 1

Godfather Script 2

Godfather Script 5

Godfather Script 4

Godfather Script 3

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Godfather Script 8

Godfather Script 7

Godfather Script 10

Godfather Script 13

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