The Original Fake Taxi Car Has Been Stolen

Fake Taxi

Anyone seen it?

If you’re at all familiar with porn or popular culture (probably both, am I right?) then you’ll know full well what the Fake Taxi is and how funny it is that it’s been stolen from its parking space in Sutton.

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The Fake Taxi team sent the following tweet to announce that it was missing yesterday afternoon, along with a screenshot of the thieves robbing it in action. Lew Thomas  -Head of Production at Fake Taxi – also said the following:

We’re at a loss for words. The vehicle has a lot of history with our site and is deeply missed.

We have other vehicles available, so this will not halt production on FAKE Taxi or FAKEhub. We hope to find the vehicle soon, so any assistance the public can offer in locating the vehicle will be very helpful.

The statement explained that the vehicle is black with a yellow ‘Fake Taxi’ logo printed horizontally along each side of the car, including on the rear window.

The manual transmission vehicle also features prominent front and rear bumpers.

It’s kind of annoying that they use multiple different Fake Taxis for their shoots because it would have been kind of funny if the future of their porn empire had been thrown into jeopardy because of one stupid thief. And the thief has gotta be stupid because there’s no way someone would deliberately steal the Fake Taxi – not only would it be completely obvious who had stolen it because of the branding but it would also have jizz stains all over the back of it. Completely useless for someone that actually wanted a taxi.

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