Nurse Reveals How She Quit Her Job After ‘Mean Girls’ Outed Her $75,000-A-Month OnlyFans Account

“Delete it, or leave.”

A former neonatal ICU nurse has revealed how she quit her hospital job and is now solely focused on running her OnlyFans account, after her ‘mean girl’ colleagues shared her $75k-a-month side gig with her boss.

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Allie Rae – a pseudonym – was working at one of the top hospitals in Massachusetts when her co-workers discovered her sexy Instagram account, containing pictures like so…

In December 2020, Rae faced her first ‘mean girls’ moment after six nurses in her unit found her IG and report it to her boss. Rae got off with a warning, as she didn’t use her real name, nor stated where she worked.

Well that slap on the wrist wasn’t good enough for her bitchy colleagues, and so they worked harder to bring down their attractive, successful colleague with the sexy Instagram account. Get this – these losers found Rae’s OnlyFans and subscribed to it, for the sole reason of screenshotting her nude photos and sending them to her boss.

Rae told The Daily Beast:

They subscribed and paid to my OnlyFans account to screenshot it and bring it to my manager. It was like Mean Girls for adults.

This time, Rae’s boss gave her an ultimatum; delete her $75k-a-month OnlyFans or leave her occupation as a nurse. Well, that was a no-brainer – Rae handed in her notice. Spend grueling hours every day looking after sick babies for around 70k-a-year? Or make 70k-a-month shagging your husband on camera for the perverts of the internet? Not a difficult choice really, is it?

Rae says:

I didn’t even need the money — I was making more money on OnlyFans than I was as a nurse and was only doing it because I loved it.

Rae and her husband are now looking to move to Florida and continue building their OnlyFans empire from there, while her jealous colleagues just got puked on by the 7th baby today while they navigate the corridors of a COVID-riddled hospital. Who’s the real winner here?

Go Allie Go!

To meet the son who runs his mum’s OnlyFans account as a means to earn extra pocket money, click HERE. Bit weird really.


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