OnlyFans Is Banning Sexually Explicit Content Starting From October And Here’s Why

RIP OnlyFans.

So you’ve probably heard the big news that OnlyFans is pulling out of the sex content game from October, leaving a whole bunch of content creators seriously vexed at the fact they won’t be making hundreds of thousands of dollars (or millions, in some cases) simply by sharing nude photos and videos on the internet with people who are so horny they actually pay for it.

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As per Bloomberg, the changes are needed because of mounting pressure from banking partners and payment providers, according to the company.

OnlyFans says:

In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of our platform, and the continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines.

So yeah, a pretty shocking move by OnlyFans considering they built their entire platform on the pornography model. Not that it was originally made to be an adult-focused site, but that’s just the way it turned out after sex workers and Instagram ‘models’ gravitated towards it because it gave them the perfect place to profit from homemade adult content without any outside interference, selling directly to subscribers themselves.

The problem with OnlyFans though, was that no matter how big and successful it became, they struggled to find investment. Owning and running a massive company like OnlyFans is expensive, and even though they’re raking in the $$$, outside investors seemed to not want to be associated with them. It appears there’s still that old stigma about sex work, which is kinda sad really.

So now I guess in order to try and expand their business, OnlyFans is banning the type of content that most of their user base was interested in. It’s like if Domino’s stopped selling pizza!

What will OnlyFans look like come October? Will it just be a paid Instagram? That’s a tough sell if so. I’m sure they’ve got some ideas in mind but I just don’t see how it’s gonna work out for them. You just know a new OnlyFans alternative is gonna pop up anyway, probably run by someone in the adult entertainment industry this time. So where will that leave OnlyFans?

Their only hope IMO is if some mega rich investor or hedge fund shows up between now and October and gives them the cash injection they need to keep doing what they’re doing. Unless that happens, it’s goodbye OnlyFans as we know it. Thoughts and prayers to all the future ‘former OnlyFans models’ out there. Not sure how good that will look on the old CV.

To meet the mum & daughter who run a NSFW OnlyFans account together, click HERE. What are they supposed to do with themselves now?


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