Is This Proof Online Gambling Websites Are Fixing ‘Live’ Blackjack Games?

Gambling company cheating dealer

Don’t place your bets with these guys.

A loudmouth YouTuber named Michael Morgenstern reckons that he’s exposed popular gambling site ‘BetOnline’ as cheaters. And I’ve got to say, judging by this video, he might be right.

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In the video the Blackjack dealer appears to push up the first card of the pack and take the second card instead, after what Michael claims was prompted by monitors set up, telling the dealer the order of the cards.

This is PROOF that playing online is not a safe option. It is commonly known that online casinos have monitors set up and mini cameras hidden in the card shoe. The last player would have won and the dealer would have had a bust hand of 16. Funny thing is THIS is the SAME site that Sodapoppin claims to make all his money on… and he’s an affiliate hmmmmmmm

There’s no denying from that Slo-Mo that he took the second card of the pack. Even if there were not monitors set up, that’s not allowed in the game. There’s something fishy going on – it’s a shame that this Michael guy comes across as an absolute nut case, otherwise his case might have more of an impact:

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