One Of The Charles Manson Murderers Is Facing Freedom After 47 Years In Prison

Leslie Van Houten

Should she be allowed freedom?

One of the Manson family disciples who took part in the cult’s famous 1969 massacre has been granted parole after 47 years in prison.

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Leslie Van Houten, who was the youngest member involved in the killing, was arrested back in 1971 for involvement with the murders of Leno and Rosemary La Bianca in their home in California. Apparently she was high on LSD and admitted to stabbing Rosemary 14 times with a knife. Sounds like a pretty bad trip.

Leno and Rose La Bianca

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This murder occurred a day after the Manson clan’s famous murder of actress Sharon Tate, who was pregnant at the time. They then went on a rampage and killed seven victims in total.

After their arrest, Leslie admitted that the group was planning to flee to the desert and hide out until the coast was clear. Obviously they were all pretty high because there’s no way they would have gotten away with that one.

Charles Manson

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Both Leslie and Charles Manson received the death penalty when initially sentenced, although his punishment was changed to life in prison, where Leslie has the potential to be released on parole. Although she has been denied parole 19 times before, her legal team is optimistic about this one. Her lawyer, Christie Webb, said:

We’re really ecstatic.

Leslie is an individual. She can’t change what she did, but she has tremendous remorse.

Well there you have it. Sounds pretty positive that she might get out this time. Question is, should she be allowed freedom? What she did was absolutely horrific and inhumane, but if you’ve researched anything on Charles Manson, you’ll know that he pretty much ran their ‘family’ as a cult and had brainwashed the lot of them using LSD and sex. I’m sure she’s had a lot of time in prison to reflect and repent about what she did.

I wonder how old Charles is getting on? Last we heard he had been dumped by his girlfriend because she only wanted him for his corpse.


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