That One Night Stand Pregnancy Video From The Other Day Was A Fake

One Night Stand Pregnancy Video Baked

Well duh.

Yesterday there was a video going round the Internet about some French girl who had apparently got pregnant after a one night stand whilst she was on holiday in Australia, but unfortunately lost her phone with the digits of the mysterious lothario in it, so was appealing to the Internet for help finding him. Obviously this is normally the kind of shit we’re all over, but I thought the video looked kinda crappy and probably wasn’t true to be honest so decided against posting it. Take a look for yourself:

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And guess what? I was totally right and it is a complete fake. I guess I’m in the right business huh?

Anyway, an Australian social marketing firm named Sunny Coast Media have taken responsibility for the post in one of the dumbest YouTube videos I’ve ever seen. It’s called ‘I’ve Found Him’ to try and get people to click on it, but I’m sure as soon as you see the picture of the guy you’re going to be pretty certain that he couldn’t bed the girl from the first video, and even if he had she wouldn’t be in any hurry to track him down.

Take a look and you’ll see what I mean:

Wow. What a plot twist huh? I didn’t see that coming – it was actually an advertisement for the town of Mooloolaba trying to boost its tourist industry? Absolutely nuts that one eh? As Andy Sellar predicted in the video, a lot of people aren’t happy about this and basically everyone thinks he’s a twat. Can’t really blame them can you?

Pregnancy Video Comment 1

Pregnancy Video Comment 2

Pregnancy Video Comment 3

Holiday Mooloolaba have also taken a battering on their Facebook page, and so it seems like Sellar has succeeded in putting the town on the map. The only thing is that it’s for all the wrong reasons. Back to the drawing board mate – if you ever get another client that is after this disaster.

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Still, it’s not as bad as the worst ever Facebook brand PR meltdown, although that isn’t really saying much.


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