A Romanian Pop Star Was Killed By An Oncoming Train During A Livestream (VIDEO)

Horrific footage.

I’ve gotta say that I reckon one of the hardest ways to die would be to get accidentally hit by a train at a level crossing – because how the hell could you miss a massive train coming towards you? – but this Romanian pop star managed to do it and live stream the whole thing because his wife somehow managed to miss it and drive right into it.

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29 year old Tavy Pustiu was sitting in the passenger seat and live streaming himself listening to some Romanian pop music where you can clearly see his 24 year old wife stop at the level crossing and look both ways before proceeding. Somehow she didn’t see the huge train coming and you can subsequently see the look of horror of Pustiu’s face as he spots it and starts screaming.

This is pretty upsetting footage:

Pustiu immediately died at the scene of the accident but his wife is on life support at a nearby hospital. Here’s what an official statement said about the incident:

As a result of a collision between a train and a car on the level crossing a 29-year-old man who was the passenger in the front of the car was declared dead and a 24-year-old woman who was the driver was injured.

RIP Tavy Pustiu. I don’t know how big he was in Romania but I’m sure some people will be very upset about his passing. To make matters worse, he also apparently recently updated his Facebook status saying ‘One day, the wrong train will take you to the right destination.’. Oooooof.

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