An Olympic Athlete Just Shat Himself During The 50km Walking Race (VIDEO)


He didn’t let it slow him down though.

The Olympics turned into a literal shitshow today as an athlete spectacularly shat his pants during the 50km walking race.

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It was at around the 15km mark that Frenchman Yohann Diniz allowed some liquified shit to squirt down his leg. Eagle eyed viewers managed to spot it and post it on Twitter for everyone to laugh at:

To be fair to the guy, it doesn’t look like he’s let the fact that he’s shit himself on national television during the biggest day of his life affect him as he hasn’t slowed down at all. I would probably at least try and wipe it up first or something, but I guess nothing is going to step between Diniz and his gold medal. Hero.

At the time of writing he was coming seventh but was still expected to finish first at the end of his race. I suppose the fact that he’s shit himself might make him go even faster, although he has apparently collapsed a couple of times due to his stomach problems. Hopefully his irritable bowels don’t affect his chances of a gold medal, as he is the current walking world champion and the pre-race favourite for the prize. Come on Yohann!

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