People Are Calling For Olly Murs’ New ‘Disgusting’ Song To Be Axed

It’s not that bad, is it?

Usually people want Olly Murs’ music axed because it’s a bit shit, but this time they’re raging because of the lyrics to his new track ‘I Hate You When You’re Drunk’.

Have a look/listen at the lyrics and song below:

Oh you’re slurring all your words / There’s makeup on your shirt /You’re dancing on the tables can’t you see / That you look like a mess and you’re siging Whitney whoa / Oh I hate you, hate you, I hate you, hate you when you’re drunk.

Oh you got them drunken eyes / Should we call it a night / Cos you’ve been telling stories 4/5 times / Yeah I’ve heard it before and my ears are bleeding whoa.

Because you wanna buy champagne / And you wanna throw the shots back / And now you’re taking photographs / Why am I the only one that don’t laugh / Oh I hate you, hate you, I hate you, hate you when you’re drunk / So quit acting like a fool cos I hate you when you’re drunk.

Oh when the morning comes you’ll blame it on me / And when you ask for a hug I got no sympathy / Because I hate you when you’re drunk.

Seems pretty harmless, right? Well apparently not. Get a load of this reaction on Twitter:

Blimey, is that how people really feel? Seems a bit unfair to accuse the guy of being ‘misogynistic’ based on the lyrics to this song. I mean it’s about 0.2 on the offensive lyrics scale. I don’t see these people complaining about the lyrics of Drake, 21 Savage or Dave, do you? Why should a rapper be able to make a song about hating ‘b*tches’ and Olly Murs can’t?

Not to mention, before its release Murs said the song was ‘fun to write as there have been so many times where a friend, family member or loved one has had one too many’ and that it was ‘a light-hearted take from the sober person’s point of view’. In case you couldn’t tell from the pop instrumental and the fact Olly Murs is singing it. I don’t like your music Olly Murs but I’m on your side on this one. Go Olly Go!

P.S. Then again, he did stick his willy in a Pringles can during lockdown. Cancel! Cancel!


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