This Dude Claims To Be The World’s Oldest Living Man

World's Oldest Man

Surely this guy is lying?

It was only last week that some monk came out of the woodwork to claim he was the oldest person in the world at the age of 122, but now this dude from Indonesia has pulled his finger out and claimed to be 145, with the accommodation to match it too.

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Mbah Gohto says he has official documentation that proves that he was born on the 31st December 1870, but this has yet to be verified by the guys in charge. It doesn’t sound like he cares too much in any case, as he’s been preparing to die since his fourth wife passed away in 1988. His ten siblings and most of his children are dead and his grandkids are all self sufficient so he doesn’t really have much to live for anymore:

Yeah he doesn’t look so good with that hunchback does he, but I suppose at least he can still walk around on his own two feet which is incredible for someone almost seven times as old as me. What an absolute baller.

Not really sure about his secret to a long life though  – patience? I think that this woman who says that the key to her long life is drinking a beer every day has a much better idea about what she’s talking about.


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