Here’s An Old Trailer For ‘Batman Begins’ That’s Pitched As A Romantic Comedy

This is really weird.

Every so often you see a trailer for a movie and then watch the movie and it’s absolutely nothing like the trailer and you wonder why this is the case. Why would you try and market the movie like that you and disappoint everyone you idiots?

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Anyway, sometimes it might be acceptable but in the case below it’s completely stupid, although I kinda get why they’ve done it. Anyone whose seen Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batman Begins’ will know it as a dark, modern retelling of the Batman franchise and in no way whatsoever is it a romantic comedy, but when ABC decided to premiere it on their Family channel back in 2006 or something, they decided to pitch it as a romantic comedy, presumably so that parents would allow their little kids to watch is as a family move on Sunday evening.

Bet they got way more than they bargained for. Take a look at how dumb this is below:

Lol ‘he fights for love’ – that is 100% not what the movie is about at all.

In fact, I couldn’t even remember that Katie Holmes was even in it – and I’m normally pretty good on these things – until this trailer which shows you how much of a memorable part she played in the movie. Whoever commissioned this trailer must have been on acid if this is what they got from the film.

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