Old Man Pulls Off Funniest Videobomb Of All Time Interrupting Supermodel Photoshoot (NSFW)

Too funny.

Instagram model Kristina Mendonca was doing her thing on the beach the other day when suddenly her video received a surprise cameo from the only specimen on the beach more sexual than her. 

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Behold the human embodiment of sexual energy and beauty…. and Kristina Mendonca:

What an absolute OG. Just a delightfully round, smiling old man rocking up in his speedos without a care in the world, letting his belly hang out and giving zero fucks about Kristina’s videoshoot. I mean just look at the guy’s face – he might be one of the happiest, most content people on the planet:

I bet he was hooking up with models like Kristina all the time in his younger days. No wonder he can’t stop smiling as he looks back on a life well lived. And hilarious that he unknowingly sent a model’s Instagram video more viral than it had any right to go.

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