Old Man Takes An Absolutely Brutal Tumble Down An Escalator (VIDEO)

How not to ride an escalator 101.

I was fully prepared for some laughs when I clicked the link to this video on LikeLeak, but have to say – it’s not nearly as funny as I was hoping it would be.

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That’s because this old man over in China does the exact opposite of what you’re supposed to do when you’re an OAP falling down an escalator – just hold still:

Brutal stuff. The guy just kept rolling and rolling and rolling – at one point he disappears off screen and you think that’s that but he just tumbles all the way back down again. I was literally yelling advice at him from my laptop – stop moving! Stop rolling! Why are you still rolling?!

Maybe his wife was nagging him about going into another shop after they’d already been shopping for 5 hours. After all it was enough for this young man to literally jump off a balcony when his girlfriend did the same.


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