Sex Robots That Look Like Old Men Are Finally Here To Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies


It was only a matter of time before the sex doll industry moved onto more “niche” creations to satisfy the market, and sure enough RealDoll has now released an ‘elderly male’ version of their product.

The wrinkly, grey-haired robot was put on display on the company’s Instagram account…


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According to Sex Tech Guide, the model was built specifically for a client.

RealDoll are also working on a male sex robot named Henry who will have a bionic penis that will be able to become fully erect.

RealDoll CEO Matt McMullen says:

We’re going to be working on some form of very epical insert for Henry, so that he’s able to lift trucks with his penis.

We’re already starting to animate the body. The problem is, when can a body be animated and then be safe to throw into someone’s bed?

A robotic arm that’s strong enough to lift the entirety of its silicone weight is pretty darn strong, and if something goes a little bit off with that, it could take your head off.

No information on how much the old man sex doll has cost the client but RealDoll’s Harmony robot goes for around $12,000 (£8,700), so you can bet it’s not cheap.

So it sounds as though the current male sex robots, including this custom old man job, don’t own a bionic penis. Which begs the question – what does it have/how does it work? How is the weirdo who paid for this thing meant to gain any sexual gratification from it? Maybe they just want an old man doll to cuddle with at night or something. Either way, as RealDoll themselves suggested in the original IG post, there are some serious daddy issues at play.

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