Old Man From Birmingham Batters Prostitute With Walking Stick After Refusing To Pay £20 For Blow Job (VIDEO)

Just another day in Walsall.

Imagine being a prostitute in Walsall, West Mids of all places and you’ve just agreed a £20 fee to give an old man a BJ, except he refuses to pay you once it’s all over with. Wouldn’t be very happy would you?

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That was the case in this clip going viral this week as a young lady is filmed screaming at an elderly client in the middle of the road who appears to be escaping without making payment.

At one point the girl explains:

He won’t pay me. He’s just done sex and a blowjob with me. He tried to give me two quid.

It’s probably more insulting offering her £2 than trying to walk off having got it for free. I mean is there anything in life you would do for £2 that you wouldn’t do for free?

Should’ve asked for the money up front I guess – lesson learnt.

To read about the prostitute who had to be surgically removed from her client after he died mid-session, click HERE.


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