Old Man BANGS OUT Drunk Guy On Train After He Repeatedly Uses The N-Word (VIDEO)

Heads up to all the racists out there – stay away from this guy.

Heads up to all the racists out there – this is one dude you definitely want to avoid at all costs.

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Twitter user @raresoulx was on the Chicago subway when some drunk passenger was shouting racist abuse at an elderly black gentleman for 15 minutes straight. Here’s a short clip he managed to record:

Eventually, that gentleman had enough and completely snapped.

He decided to teach the young punk a lesson:

The man of the hour chilling afterwards:

What a G. Who’d have thought a sweet old man with his blazer and flat cap could leave someone laid out on a subway platform in a puddle of their own piss like that. I guess that’s the sort of superhuman old man strength that takes over when someone’s being a racist piece of shit.

After watching that, it’s a miracle no one got knocked out during this unbelievable racist train rant in Australia.


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