The Old Man Allegedly Punched By Conor McGregor Has Finally Spoken About The Incident



It was pretty crazy last week when a video emerged of UFC legend Conor McGregor allegedly punching an old man in a Dublin pub for refusing to try a shot of his new whiskey, but until now nobody has been able to get a hold of the man in question to find out his take on events.

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Now, it seems like The Irish Daily Star managed to track him down for his comments, where he said the following (the man wished to remain anonymous):

I can take a punch. It was sore for about a week. It wasn’t killing me or anything.

I don’t like the man. I think he is getting a bad rep. He is a bit of a bully, a bully with money.

Huh? Why does he think he’s getting a bad rep if he doesn’t like him and he thinks he’s a bit of a bully? That doesn’t really make any sense?

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Another anonymous source who is said to be close to the man in question revealed a bit of a different story however, claiming that he was in bits following the assault:

He was having his pint when McGregor came in and offered everyone a drink of his whiskey. A few had it but this man doesn’t drink shorts at all.

However, Conor insisted he take it and when he refused a second time McGregor wasn’t impressed. Next thing he punched him in the side of the face.

He didn’t feel the pain of it at the time but the next day he was in bits. It was a proper hard hit. His face was very sore. He was very shaken by the whole thing and didn’t leave his house for days.

At the end of the day he doesn’t want an apology or any money, he just wants justice for what happened to him.

He didn’t even realise McGregor was in the pub until he was standing up beside him. Everyone in the pub was shocked by what had happened and couldn’t believe it.

Bit of a weird one hey? When everyone is saying different things about it, it’s hard to get to the truth -especially when everyone in commenting anonymously – but I suppose we’ll hear more about it in the coming days and weeks. One things for sure is that it doesn’t seem like this is going away any time soon.

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