Old Lady In Wheelchair Tries To Stop Minnesota Rioters By Stabbing Them, Gets Brutally Attacked (VIDEO)

What was she thinking?

It is absolute carnage over in Minneapolis, Minnesota right now as looters and rioters raise hell amid protests over the death of George Floyd – the unnarmed black man killed on Monday by (now-former) police officer Derek Chauvin while begging for his life.

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Multiple videos have been doing the rounds of stores being looted, businesses and cars being set on fire, and even a police station going up in flames, but possibly the wildest video yet involves an old lady in a motorised wheelchair trying to put a stop to the rioting… by single-handedly riding up to rioters and stabbing them with a knife.

How do you think that turned out for her? Not great:

Wow. Obviously that’s not very nice to see, but I guess the fact she’s a little old lady in a wheelchair doesn’t really count for much when she’s going around trying to stab people (even if those people are rioting and looting and generally causing trouble).

The crazy part is that she still wanted more drama afterwards, which you can see below after the clip where someone disarms her:

Not sure why she’s trying to risk her life to stop a Target store being looted but it looks like the city of Minneapolis is content to let the riots continue for the time being. You can understand the anger and frustration behind the protests themselves, but I’m not sure what burning cars and buildings and looting businesses is meant to accomplish? I guess it’s the perfect time to steal something though if you’re that way inclined.

Anyway, let’s hope this lady thinks twice about getting involved again and just waits out the rest of the riots at home. Can’t be a good feeling getting an entire fire extinguisher emptied in your face while someone else batters you upside the head from behind. Stay safe everybody.

For a look at some of the crazy footage taken from the riots this week, click HERE.


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