O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer Finally Reveals What He Whispered To O.J. After The Verdict

OJ Simpson Acquittal

20 years later we finally find out.

The O.J. Simpson trial has long been a point of interest in western society, but the drama and controversy surrounding it has recently been revisited thank to the television series depicting the subject matter. The less said about David Schwimmer saying ‘Juice’ and John Travolta’s face though the better.

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Anyway, since the original trial one of the many unanswered questions from it has been just what O.J. whispered in his defence attorney Robert Shapiro’s ear once he was acquitted. In his first interview in over 20 years on FOX, Shapiro went into explicit detail about the case and finally revealed those words that previously had only been shared between the two men. Here it is:

You told me this would be the result from the beginning. You were right.

Probably not that Earth shattering and similar to what you expected I imagine, but still nice to finally know the answer to that mystery after all these years. Shapiro also went on to talk about how he did try on the infamous glove before O.J. too (this was depicted in The People VS OJ Simpson – that’s not really a spoiler):

OJ Simpson Gloves

I tried the glove on. It was a little bit wide in my palm and a little bit long in my fingers.

O.J. Simpson has enormous hands and I knew that the glove would not fit him. No question about it. Wouldn’t even be close.

As you say it now, it is chilling, but it wasn’t something that I contemplated or thought about at the time.

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Nerves of steel. It was the key piece of evidence in the trial that went on to convince the jury of O.J.’s innocence though, so it was probably worth it.

Did you hear who O.J. wants to date when he gets out of prison though? It’s absolutely ridiculous.


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