Ohio Morgue Attendant Admits To Having Sex With 100 Corpses

Kenneth Douglas

‘I would just get on top of them and pull my pants down.’

A completely weird 60 year old man named Kenneth Douglas from Ohio has admitted to having sex with over 100 corpses in the morgue where he worked as a night watchman from 1976 to 1992. Gross – doesn’t he know that there are at least 7 other way cooler things you can do with a dead body than fuck it.

So why the hell did he do that then? Nobody really knows but it involved him getting fucked up before hand. Douglas said that he would get completely wasted before he went to work on both booze and crack, and then just get on top of the bodies and pull his pants down and get to work. Yuck.

Douglas’s weird habit was discovered when three families of his ‘victims’ decided to sue the morgue where Douglas worked and him for desecrating the bodies. They cottoned onto him when they found semen inside the body of Karen Range – a 19 year old who was murdered by a travelling door to door salesman in 2008. I’m not sure how they found the semen in there or what they were looking for up there but hey they did and it means Douglas can’t go around fucking dead bodes anymore, which I’m sure is a relief for the people of Hamilton County Ohio.


Even more weirdly, Douglas’ wife actually knew – or at least suspected – him of having sex with the corpses and even contacted the morgue itself to try and get him to stop doing it. She said that when she picked him up from work he would be ‘reeking of sex’ and that was the only explanation she could come up with to explain it. She said she called up the morgue to tell them about it but they weren’t interested.

To be honest I’m kind of confused as to why she would stay with a guy who she thought had sex with corpses rather than just trying to report it but hey, I guess love works in mysterious ways.


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