Here’s The Official Story Trailer For ‘The Last Of Us Part II’

It’s out in June 19th.

‘The Last Of Us Part II’ is possibly one of the most anticipated video games of all time, so it was a real shame when someone leaked major story details and cut scenes from it a couple of weeks ago and spoiling it for a whole load of people.

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One plus point from this is that the release date was bumped up to June 19th so that we’ll get to play it a bit earlier than we had previously thought, but I guess this might come at a compromise on the quality/finished product. Probably not worth screwing over ourselves though hey? Just get really frustrated when you have to download a seven hour update to play it when it arrives on opening day.

Anyway, Naughty Dog have released a new story trailer to let us know where we are with that, so dive right in:

Yeah, not really sure if they revealed too much of the story there except that Ellie is out on a bloody and brutal mission to mete out justice on the people that destroy her relatively tranquil life in Jackson. Loving the fact that she’s straight up slitting people’s throats all the time – that’s the kind of savagery we want to see in a desperate post apocalyptic world, isn’t it? Yes, yes it is.

For more on ‘The Last Of Us Part II’, check out the trailer from September last year. Sheds a bit more light on everything.


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