Official Figures Confirm That There Have Been Over 50,000 Coronavirus Deaths In The UK

Some more good news.

The attention has shifted from the Coronavirus pandemic to Black Lives Matter over the past week, but this doesn’t mean that COVID-19 has just gone away, not by any means and new official figures released yesterday have just raised the death count in this country by about 10,000.

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It’s long been thought that the government was holding back on their reporting of the death count – they even admitted as much by saying that they weren’t counting the number of daily deaths in care homes – and the Office Of National Statistics is now reporting that the number of Coronavirus related deaths up to May 22nd is actually 49,028 in the UK. Up until June 1st there have been over 1000 more though, pushing the total slightly over 50,000.

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Between May 23 and June 1, a further 931 hospital patients who had tested positive for Covid-19 died in England, according to NHS England.

And a further 78 people in hospital and care homes who had tested positive for Covid-19 died in Wales, according to Public Health Wales.

And in Northern Ireland, a further 22 people who had tested positive for Covid-19 died between May 23 and June 2, according to the Northern Ireland Department of Health.

These add up to a further 1,031 deaths that have occurred since May 23, and together with the total figure of 49,028 registered deaths, means the overall death toll for the UK is now just over 50,000.

I suppose by the very nature of all of this you have to question where the stats are coming from and if they’re accurate, but whichever way you look at it, the UK has still had the highest death rate in Europe and probably the second highest in the world after the United States. Ain’t no way you can spin that as anything but a catastrophic failure. Let’s hope it doesn’t get worse.

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