Watch This Office Worker Stumble Into A Rave In A Forest And Go Absolutely Wild

Rave In A Foresgt

Guy found his true calling.

There’s always a wide variety of weird and wacky costumes at your typical rave – especially those ones taking place in forests – but I don’t think you usually expect to catch someone who looks like they’re about to go to work in one of them.

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This is the look that this guy was rocking at a recent rave that I imagine was somewhere in Russia by the looks of things. At the beginning of the video it looks as if he has no interest in being there as he’s constantly looking at his watch – presumably to figure out how much time he has before his big meeting – but then when the beat does kick in it really is something else:

Wow. Guy looked like he was travelling at super rapid speed right there, almost so fast that I had to check the video hadn’t accidentally been knocked on fast forward or something. With that in mind it would make sense that he dressed up for this one so maybe he was going for a Hitman kinda vibe? Still think it’s way funnier to imagine him having to head over to work and bust out a Powerpoint Presentation or something after this though, don’t you? That’s the way I’m going to remember it for sure.

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