Study Shows Your Office Mug Is Covered In Your Co-Workers’ Poo



Unless you’re the kind of idiot that wants to spend a fortune on Starbucks or Costa every time you want a hot drink, then it’s highly likely that you’re going to take your own mug into the office and leave it in the kitchen to use every time you make one.

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Whilst this is a highly normal practice, it also means that you’re highly susceptible to getting your co-workers’ poo particles all over your mug as well. Yuck.

Professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona Dr Charles Gerb explains his findings, saying that 90% of office mugs are covered in germs with 20% of them carrying fecal matter:

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Coliform bacteria were present on 20% of the coffee cups before and 100% of the coffee cups after wiping with a dish cloth or sponge.

No E. coli was found on cups prior to wiping.

However, 20% of coffee cups were positive for E. coli after wiping.

The presence of insanitary conditions in office kitchen and/or coffee preparation areas is of concern.

It usually relates to dirty kitchen sponges that are rarely changed.

You can avoid this if you take your mug home every night to wash, or perhaps invest in a small office mug washer.

There you have it – you can be lazy and leave your mug at work, but the price is that it’s gonna have poo particles all over it, or at least a bunch of germs. Up to you pal now you know the facts.

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