The Oculus Rift Is Now Available For Pre-Order And Is About To Change Gaming Forever

Finally, it’s here.

The wait is over and an official price for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset has been announced – £499. Bit of a piss take considering you can get it for $599 in the US (£410), but hey, we’re always get bumped on this kind of thing.

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If you want yours ASAP, you’ll want to order it now and they’ll start shipping them at the end of March. Make sure you do your research first though, as you’ll need a powerful PC to actually run anything worth playing on it.

You’ll also get an Oculus Remote, an Xbox One Controller and VR games EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale with your order.

Here’s some hands-on action with the headset at E3 earlier this year:

Firstly, I’d like that girl’s job. Secondly, it truly is an incredible time to be alive as far as gaming is concerned. Just imagine playing Super Mario, FIFA, GTA V etc in a virtual reality world. Imagine playing a horror game and crapping your pants and not being sure whether it’s actually happened in real life or virtual reality?

Here’s a look at what that might be like:

Wow. Insane to think where it all goes from here.

Not to mention virtual reality porn is going to be a total gamechanger — check out a preview of that HERE (NSFW).


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