Watch This Octopus Crawl Inside A Diver’s Mouth And Crawl Around


Deep sea diving is pretty cool but that’s because the majority of sea life that you encounter down there doesn’t get up in your grill and try and get in your mouth without permission.

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There’s always one though and this time it was the turn of some dickhead octopus who didn’t only get in videographer Shane Brown ‘s face, but decided to fully get in his mouth for about a minute instead. Whilst many people would have been completely freaked out by this, Shane must be some kind of zen warrior because he instead got his camera out and started filming so we could all watch this bizarre moment ourselves.

Here’s the video and a little interview with Shane afterwards as well:

At first he was climbing on my face then went in my mouth. Maybe he was nervous about something else nearby. As soon as he went in, I started recording.

I was worried he could suction too strong and might hurt the sensitive skin inside my mouth but he was gentle.

It was only in my mouth for a few seconds. I guess he realised it might not be safe if I was a predator.

Geez, it kinda sounds like he was having an erotic experience with the octopus doesn’t it? Guy is probably going to get into tentacle porn after this experience, am I right? Definitely don’t think that many people I know would have been able to do that and keep it together – most people I know were freaked out with that octopus scene from Oldboy FFS.

If you don’t know what tentacle porn is then boy have we got a treat for you. Click here to get your mind blown.


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