The Octopus That Caused The Man Tripping On LSD To Crash His Car Has Been Found


Major plot twist.

Yesterday we bought you the news of a man who had been arrested for drug driving on LSD after he told police that he had crashed his car in order to swerve out of the way of an octopus that he had seen.

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Of course, everyone laughed at him and was like ‘yeah right dude, there was no octopus you were just tripping balls all over the place’ but it turns out that there was actually an octopus on the road that day – although probably not in the way that you had expected. All was revealed in the following tweet (shout out to Leo Allsop for the tip):

Lol. I mean fair enough that there was actually an octopus there, but the fact still remains that it’s in the middle of the field and if the dude was driving on the road that there’s no actual way he would need to swerve to miss it under any circumstances.

So we’re back to square one really and he probably was on LSD and shouldn’t have been driving. Absolute bantz that there was an octopus there and he wasn’t hallucinating it though. You couldn’t make that shit up.

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