Here’s How To Make Yourself Hallucinate For 30 Minutes Without Taking LSD

LSD Trip


I’m sure that a few people reading this have probably tried LSD and loved it, but I’m also fairly sure that there are a whole bunch of people who quite like the idea of LSD but are probably too pussy to actually end up doing it and going through with it.

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If you’re one of these people then it’s your lucky day, because the guys over a Scam School have come up with a method that lets you hallucinate without actually facing the danger of having a bad trip. They’re using a technique called the Ganzfield Effect and they detail how to apply this in the following YouTube video but it essentially involves sitting somewhere very quiet for 10-30 minutes with noise reduction headphones on and wearing sunglasses with either ping pong balls over the eye sockets or a piece of white paper.

Apparently this leads your brain into filling the gaps in your senses that are being deprived via hallucinations – nice. Check out a more detailed explanation and demonstration of how it works in the video below though:

Well there you go – that’s the weekend sorted. Not sure if I’m convinced of how effective this would be and if it would actually be the equivalent of doing LSD, but I suppose if you’re too much of a pussy to try the real thing then this is your next best option. If anyone tests it out then let us know how it works out, although judging by the reaction of those two dorks in the video kinda makes me think that it was completely and utterly awesome. Fingers crossed eh?

If this doesn’t work, then try this other way people reckon is another way to mimic the effects of LSD. Not sure about that one either though.


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