PHOTO: Drop Of Sea Water Magnified 25 Times Reveals Freaky Shit That Lives In The Ocean

Were you worried about pollution/urine contaminating the sea water you swim in? You’ve got a whole fresh batch of paranoia to deal with now.

This is ONE SINGLE DROP of seawater magnified 25x to reveal a host of worms, bacteria, fish eggs, crab larvae, AIDS (possibly), Hepatitis C (possibly) and fuck knows what else swimming around inside it. Just one drop! All this time I was worried about pollution and people pissing in the seawater but turns out the real nightmare is already in the water in the form of freakish microscopic alien colonies living in every single drop. That’s like… infinite drops that make up the whole ocean which means infinite times billions, trillions, kazillions of these little thing crawling all over us, swimming into our mouths, eyes and ears every time we’re in the ocean.

Never going swimming again.

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