Obama Fires Marshmallow Cannon In Whitehouse

Everyone loves Barack Obama right, and it’s exactly because of videos like this. Last week the most powerful man in America was meeting some kids who had won a science competition and got to bring their science projects to the White House and show them to the President. He was the most impressed with some geek from the midwest who had spent his formative years designing an air cannon that he used to shoot marshmallows at people.

I don’t know whether it’s lamer that this little geek managed to build an air cannon himself and obviously spent a really long time doing it, or that once it was done the best purpose he could find for it was to fire marshmallows at people. The thing about the cannon is that it’s really fvcking big too, so it’s not like he could even walk around with it firing marshmallows at people – he would kind of have to set it up somewhere and hope that nobody spotted him (extremely unlikely considering how huge and clunky it is) and then once he had fired a marshmallow at them he would probably have to leave the air cannon on the ground so he could run away from the person who would inevitably be chasing after them and trying to batter them for firing marshmallows at them. What the hell is the point of firing marshmallows at people anyway? Is it supposed to hurt?

Being the joker that he is, Obama suggested that they try firing a marshmallow right there, in the White House. I don’t know how the CIA or NSA or White House security detail or whoever is supposed to be protecting him managed to let that slide but they did. Obama had a really hard time pumping up the air cannon to the required pressure – another one of its many faults – although it was kind of cool when he got there and fired a marshmallow at a wall. Check it out on video below:

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