Awesome Street Artist Oak Oak Uses Urban Environments As Canvas To Create Completely Sick Street Art

Oak Oak Featured

This guy is called Oak Oak and his work is completely dope.

Oak Oak is a French street artist in the style of Banksy who cleverly uses his environment in all of his pieces to bring out the best in his work. He calls himself the ‘pen pusher’ because by day he works a shitty clerical job but then in his free time he hits the street and creates awesome artwork like the stuff you can see below.

Typically he works in his hometown of St Etienne, but has also branched out into other nearby French cities. Unlike many street artists though, his work tens to be fairly understated and small, normally consisting of just a small character or a couple of well placed marks to create a face or other easily recognisable symbol or character. The trick to his work is how his art always interacts wonderfully with its surroundings, giving a new meaning to urban decay.

Hopefully it isn’t too long before we’re speaking about Oak Oak in the same way we speak about Banksy, and he’s no longer just a pen pusher and we’re seeing his stuff recreated in LEGO.

Oak Oak 1

Oak Oak 2

Oak Oak 3

Oak Oak 4

Oak Oak 5

Oak Oak 6

Oak Oak 7

Oak Oak 9

Oak Oak 10

Oak Oak 11

Oak Oak 14

Oak Oak 15

Oak Oak 17

Oak Oak 18

Oak Oak 19

Oak Oak 20

Oak Oak 21

Oak Oak 30

Oak Oak 29

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Oak Oak 25


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