Bricksy: Banksy’s Most Famous Works Recreated In LEGO Form

Bricksy Featured

Another day, another completely killer LEGO project.

It seems like we’re posting about an awesome new LEGO project almost every other day now, but the fact of the matter is that when there are so many awesome LEGO projects coming out pretty much every day then you can’t really not post about them, can you?

Today it’s the turn of photographer Jeff Friesen – who together with his daughter, who is also a LEGO enthusiast – thought that it would be pretty cool to recreate the works of iconic street artist Banksy in a LEGO series and guess what? They were both totally right as this Bricksy collection is really cool. Maybe Banksy should actually make a Banksy in LEGO some time?

1. Balloon Girl


2. Paleo Diet


3. Just Following Orders


4. The Mother of Anarchy


5. Haring Terrier


6. Hanging Around


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