O2 Send This Guy A Tin Of Sardines Instead Of A Brand New Samsung Galaxy S6

Something very fishy going on here.

An O2 customer has been left (quite rightly) disgruntled after being sent a tin of sardines and a sponge in place of a brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

23-year-old Greg Cundill was eagerly awaiting the package after upgrading his contract, but instead was sent the shoddy replacements.


Obviously someone along the line has taken the phone — to be fair a tin of sardines is a pretty similar shape to a Galaxy handset. Although what’s weird about the whole thing is that the packaging hadn’t been messed with in any way.

Greg did see the funny side. However, he’s a bit miffed that he hasn’t been sent a replacement yet. He said:

I didn’t know what to say when I pulled out what I did. I don’t even like sardines. I suppose I’ve got no excuse not to do the washing up now I have a sponge though.

Stacey’s (his girlfriend’s) mum signed for it at the door and obviously I was excited about getting a new phone. I checked the security seal and everything looked ok. The packaging was as you would expect and it didn’t appear to have been tampered with.

When I opened it I just thought: ‘What the hell?’ and fell about laughing. The sponge came out first and I thought it might just be for padding. I could feel more weight though and then came the sardines. Everyone just fell about laughing.

It was pretty hilarious at first and everyone found it funny but it’s a bit concerning that such an expensive phone can just go missing. 

All that came in the box was a SIM card but that’s no use without a phone. Someone’s going to be in trouble somewhere along the line.

Fair play. I’d be pretty pissed too if I spent nearly 60 quid on a can of fish. Especially if I didn’t even like cans of fish.


An O2 spokesperson has said they are investigating how this has happened, although I think they should probably get their priorities straight and get a new phone over to poor ol’ Greg stat.

UK Mail has said that they are not to blame at all as the packaging was not tampered with. Should have just stuck with the Royal Mail – I mean my faith in their service has been completely restored ever since it somehow managed to get a letter addressed to ‘England’ to the right house. Getting a phone to the right place will be a piece of cake for them, surely?


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