O.J. Simpson Traumatised Kids By Dressing As O.J. Simpson For Halloween

What goes bump in the night?

O. J. Simpson recently got out of jail after about ten years behind bars (for the attempted armed robbery of sports memorabilia no less) and it seems as though he’s wasted no time acclimatising to life on the outside and even taking the time to poke fun at his quite frankly ridiculous life.

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This can clearly be seen by his choice of Halloween outfit, where he chose to dress as himself back in the day when he used to be a famous American football player. Remember that? O.J. wore his old #32 Buffalo Bills jersey to greet kids who were knocking on his door in Las Vegas and asking for candy:

Great. Although you’ve got to admire the capacity of O.J. to make fun of himself and his past life, you’ve also got to wonder what the hell people are doing taking their kids to his house? Sure, even if the guy isn’t actually a double murderer (debatable), he’s definitely an armed robber and kidnapper so why would you wanna get your children involved with that? People in Las Vegas are bizarre.

Also it’s important to note that O.J. apparently didn’t actually give any candy out but instead just posed for selfies and signed autographs. So when you think about that, this could just be a regular day for him in the neighbourhood. What a life.

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