NX Constructed Is An Incredible Exploration Of Form Through A Digital Kaleidoscope

NX Constructed

A visually stunning piece of work inspired by the new Lexus NX.

To celebrate the launch of the Lexus NX, Lexus challenged some of the most innovative artists out there to create a unique piece of performance art inspired by the bold new design of the Lexus NX. Hellicar have undoubtedly produced the most exciting project with their offering NX Constructed – a digital kaleidoscope that allows the user to create stunning audio and visual landscapes.

Hellicar and Lewis have been pioneering the interactive performance art scene for the past six years so it’s no real surprise that they would pull something out of the bag with this one.  The kaleidoscope works by mapping out the sharp edges and angles of the Lexus NX into a 3D animation, then adding various effects such as smoke to add texture and distortion to the map. This was then projected onto the kaleidoscope to create previously unseen angles in real time which looks like pretty much nothing you’ve ever seen before.

You can check out the video of the kaleidoscope in action below, or for more information about the project check out the Lexus website.


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