You Can Now Order A Roast Dinner Online From Toby Carvery

Roast Dinner

Ever ince the advent of Deliveroo, the nation has become obsessed with ordering food from their favourite restaurants online to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes, but for some reason some of the more popular chains out there have been reluctant to embrace what is essentially a new way of life.

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Toby Carvery – that most British of institutions – have finally come around to it though and launched what they’re doing Toby Takeaway. Judging by what they’re offering though, it looks like kind of a shit option because they’re missing the main part out of it – you can only order and pick up your roast dinner, there’s no option for delivery. I mean if you’re going to go all the way to the Toby anyway surely you might as well just stay there and enjoy the atmosphere too? Normally the only reason you get takeout is because you DON’T want to go out and this kinda defeats the point of that?

People are also not happy about the options you get when ordering the roast. Although you get a choice of meat, potatoes (roast or beef dripping), Yorkshire pudding and gravy (veggie or normal), you don’t get to pick what vegetables you want with it and just get a random selection of four that are ready at the time you ordered.

This has caused some folks to kick off, complaining they want mash potato, onions in gravy and cauliflower cheese instead. You just can’t please everyone can you?

Anyway, I think the main sticking point on why I’m never going to do this is that you have to go and pick it up. Can’t fathom why anyone would do that and not just stay there unless they were lying about cooking it or that they were in a real rush or something. Weird.

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