You Can Now Get A Harness For Your Chicken To Safely Cross The Road

Just what I’ve always wanted.

Ever since the birth of the internet there are a lot of dumb products out there for you to purchase, but this has to go out there as being one of the dumbest of all time.

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We all know the joke about why the chicken crossed the road, but I’m not sure if it needed to be followed to its (il)logical conclusion with someone inventing a harness to ensure that chickens can now safely cross the road. It also comes complete with a fun bow tie, allowing you to walk your chicken across the road with both style, safety and sophistication.

There are also six different colour schemes to choose from – you could say that it’s the fashion accessory you never knew you needed. Here’s what the official description on Amazon says all about it:

Forget about leashes coming loose. Forget about readjusting the harness all the time. Minimize discomfort and keep your pets happy with the Yesito chicken harness.

Now there is no need to buy a leash as well. It is already included in the kit. Featuring a long 6ft leash strap, you may rest assured that there will be no pulling or hand fatigue.

Facilitate training and chicken walking. Take your feathered pets for a walk. Take them outdoors. Keep your chicks by your side, safe and sound. Have some fun. Make all eyes stare at you. Teach your kids about the importance of pet training.

Really weird, right?

Unfortunately, if for some reason you were keen on picking up one of these harnesses – why? – they’re actually only available at this point in the US and Yesito don’t yet deliver to the UK. Damn. Can hear you all throwing your laptop against the rule because you’re so angry about that. Sorry.

For more chickens, check out this story about a guy calling 999 because KFC ran out of chicken. That wouldn’t be happening with a harness. Wait.


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