An Idiot Called 999 Because KFC Ran Out Of Chicken



Remember this summer where KFC bizarrely ran out of chicken and the vast majority of their stores in this country weren’t even open because of it?

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You might have thought this was an emergency, but I don’t think that anyone actually took the steps of phoning 999 and reporting it as one. Somebody actually did though and you can hear it below thanks to the Metropolitan Police, who have decided to release the dumbest 999 calls that were received this year.

Press play on the video to hear the story of someone’s breakfast being half an hour late, a whistling bus driver and someone who just called to wish them happy new year:

I mean some of those are ridiculous and not even funny right? Just kind of funny in how pathetic they are I suppose. The happy new year one was a bit sad though sure, but even if you’re that lonely and lame don’t dial 999 – just type in a couple of random numbers or the pizza guy or something.

Point is that nobody should be calling 999 and abusing that service because it could legitimately result in someone’s death. None of those ones were even really that funny so it just shows that it’s not worth it because you’re not even gonna get a half decent joke out of it. Waste of time.

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