You Can Now Buy TGI Fridays Food From Iceland


TGI Fridays is an institution in this country, but it’s an expensive one at that meaning that most people probably only ever go there once or twice a year or whatever, so they’ve decided to bring the party to you by selling some of their most famous products at Iceland.

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The range dropped yesterday September 14th and includes the following:

Jalapeño Cheese Bites (200g, £2.00)
Chilli Beef Fries (500g, £2.50)
Cajun Prawns 12pk (200g, £2.00)
Fridays Wings (600g, £3.00)
Boneless Hot Wings (400g, £3.00)
Loaded Bacon and Cheese Skins (252g, £2.00)
Cheese & Bacon Warrior Fries (490g, £2.50)
Fridays BBQ Ribs (560g, £3.00)
Mozzarella Sticks (240g, £2.00)
Cajun Onion Rings (475g, £2.00)
New York Cheesecake (450g, £2.00)
Brownie Obsession (400g, £2.00)

I gotta say that there isn’t really that much on there that you can’t buy already from your local supermarket so I’m not really feeling it that much except for the TGI branding which does always make me think of being a kid and having a birthday party there. Not sure that’s enough to convince me to buy some cheap crappy food from Iceland though.

Also, I’m not really sure what this is saying about the food from TGI Fridays if it’s all being sold frozen at Iceland for really low prices. Surely they can’t justify how expensive it is in their restaurants when it’s less than half the price from Iceland? Kinda worried about how the chili beef fries come across frozen as well. Probably gonna be a no from me and just save myself for a special night out at TGIs once a year. You can’t beat it.

For more of the same, check out when TGIs started doing endless appetisers in the UK. What a time.


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