You Can Now Buy A Fried Chicken Shaped Dildo Complete With Oozing Gravy


I know some people out there really love fried chicken, but I’m not sure if that many people love it so much that they want to stick it up their butt or ass in the form of a sex toy?

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It looks like I’m wrong though as there’s enough demand for Uberkinky to have launched the SFC dildo that comes in the shape of a chicken drumstick. It even comes with a bucket of oozing gravy that’s apparently ‘prime for dipping’ but is really just a fancy looking charge point.

Here’s what their in house in-house sexpert, Ruby Payne said about the item:

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Whatever you’re into, we love it if you do.

Our toys help you celebrate whatever you’re into, or even if you’d rather just have a little fun – no judgment and anything goes.

Food is a more popular turn-on than people realise – we’ve even seen hot dog and corn-on-the-cob dildos.

So why not indulge your love of chicken a little bit more next time you order a takeaway?

Yeah, I’m still not that convinced by that but maybe I’m just vanilla? The dildo is actually real and not just a promotional item and will set you back £89.99 if you want to actually purchase it.

If you’re interested in the stats as well, then the girth reaches 7.5″ with the bone starting wide then slimming down for a ‘smooth glide’. That was one sentence I never thought I would write, but if it turns you on then be my guest, go for it. Your regular Friday night takeaway will never be the same.

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