You Can Now Buy Christmas Trainers To Go With Your Christmas Jumpers

Christmas Shoes


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year (apparently) but there are some things about it that not everyone agrees upon and one of those is definitely Christmas jumpers.

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Some people seem to love dressing up in their Christmas jumpers and prancing around like a reindeer or whatever, whereas other people absolutely hate them and pretty much want to burn all of them in existence. There simply isn’t any middle ground.

So I’m predicting that the exact same people are going to love or hate these new Christmas trainers which have just been released by Brooks, who decided that what people really wanted would be a festive version of their Levitate 2 trainers. They’re green and come with a stitched pattern of a reindeer and a Christmas tree, one on each shoe. The laces also look like red candy canes and have actual bells on them. Pretty neat huh?

Nah, as you might have guessed I pretty much hate Christmas jumpers so I’m obviously not into these, especially when they come at a whopping £140. In fairness they are actual running shoes so have some special comfort enhancers for your feet, but even so I think that’s probably a bit steep.

Also if you’re actually going to use them for running then surely you would just be running around with bells on your feet sounding like an actual twat all the time? Not to mention looking like one because you’re wearing Christmas shoes in the middle of May or something.

It’s a big no from me, but I’m sure there are some people out there who are going to absolutely love this stuff. For more of the same, check out this Danny Dyer Christmas jumper. Pretty cool actually.


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