You Can Now Get A Christmas Jumper With Danny Dyer’s Face On It

Propa nawty.

People always seem to go crazy for Christmas jumpers and I’ve never really got it, but this year the guys at Notjust are really going for it and I’ve gotta say I’m interested in some of the stuff that they’re selling.

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Top of the list has got to to be this cracking Danny Dyer Christmas jumper that really does capture the essence of the great man. There’s a picture of his face and a couple of iconic phrases on the front and the back in ‘Rockin’ around the Christmas geez’ and ‘Propa Nawty’ with some beers on the back. Exceptional.

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Unfortunately, the jumpers are limited edition and there are only going to be 250 available so you’re gonna have to be quick if you want to get one in time for Christmas. They’re fairly reasonably priced at £35 too considering that they’re designed and manufactured by hi tech knitting machines to a very high standard, whatever that means. I’m sure £35 isn’t too much to make one of the geezers in your life insanely happy this Christmas isn’t it?

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