Drunk Guy Tries To Fight Bouncer; Gets Obliterated By One Perfect Leg Kick (VIDEO)


Game over.

You should probably never mess with bouncers when you’re wasted because they’ve pretty much got one objective in their life and that’s to deal with drunk people like you.

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Case in point with the bouncer in this video. No idea where it is or when it was, but the guy isn’t taking any shit from some fat bald guy who’s giving him lip. Instead of knocking him out or choking him when he starts to get a bit lippy, he drops him with an MMA leg kick which absolutely obliterates him:

Whoever said that leg kicks couldn’t win fights when you get into the cage? Seems like you’re dead wrong there pal.

Sure the guy did get right back up – with a hand from the bouncer who he then started on (good one asshole) – but I’m pretty sure if you were in a proper fighting situation and got slammed like that, then the other guy would be on top of you straight away and that really would be that. See ya.

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