Nottingham Man Known For Dressing Like The Joker Found Guilty Of Throwing Bowling Ball At Man’s Head

True psycho behaviour.

A man known around Nottingham for dressing like The Joker has been found guilty after dropping a bowling ball out of his apartment window onto a council worker’s head during a dispute last year.

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As per the Nottingham Post, Damien Hammond, 31, was convicted this week of grievous bodily harm in the Dec. 2019 incident, which started when labourers started clearing a television from the pavement outside Hammond’s building.

According to police, Hammond believed the council workers were “coming to kill him” and he was “trying to scare them off”.

He shouted at them that the TV was his, before wrapping a bowling ball in a pair of jeans and lobbing it out of his window. It struck one of the Nottingham City Council workers on his head, causing him to hit the floor and end up in hospital with a fractured skull and brain trauma.

A stand-off then followed for several hours, during which Hammond climbed out onto the window ledge armed with a hammer, and threatened police officers with it. In the end, he dropped down from the ledge and was arrested.

Firstly, let’s just acknowledge how great it is to hear the worker survived having a damn bowling ball dropped on his head, which was a true psycho move on Hammond’s part. Not psycho like putting pineapple on your pizza but psycho like someone who needs to be put in a straightjacket and locked in a padded room for the rest of their lives.

All that said however, if you get into an argument with someone known around Nottingham for being a weirdo who likes to dress up as the Joker, maybe you should expect to have a bowling ball lobbed at your head. Not victim blaming obviously, but it’s not advisable to make eye contact with someone like that, let alone get into an argument with them over a TV that’s been left outside their apartment. Someone like Damien Hammond needs to be treated like they are the actual Joker – just stay the hell away from him!

Great news for Hammond’s neighbours though – he’s due to be sentenced on January 29, 2021 and chances are they won’t have a purple-jacketed, green-haired, clown-faced lunatic living next door to them anymore. What a fantastic way to start the new year! Onwards and upwards.

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