Nottingham Forest Fans Launch Into Angry Brawl Over Who Should Get The Last Pie

Nottingham fight pie

Fighting the good fight.

Nottingham Forest fans had enough to be angry about as their team was defeated by 2-0 to Leeds, but it appears what really got their gears grinding was who deserved the last pie during half-time.

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The video was taken at the City Ground where two fans were waiting for their half-time munch to line their stomachs for the second half of the game. However, when they were told there was one pie left the frustration could not be held down any longer and two men started to argue over who should get the tasty snack. It quickly descended into a scuffle before the pair were pulled apart. An unexpected hero of the event tries desperately to hold onto his pint while trying to stop the fight, but he ends up wearing most of it instead.

Fighting the good fight there guys. One of the most frustrating things about this whole story is that no one knows who ended up with the pie – I hope it was the guy who spilled his pint.

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