Chinese Man Has New Nose Grown On Forehead

You don’t need us to tell you how gross this is – a Chinese man is growing a new nose on his forehead to replace the one he smashed in a car accident.

Surgeons at a hospital in China have grown a new nose on the forehead of a 22-year-old man who damaged his original nose in a car crash. After his accident he had failed to seek treatment, allowing the wound to get infected and ultimately leading to this not-at-all enviable predicament. Doctors gave him the choice of being a full time mouth-breather or growing a new nose on his forehead using a skin tissue expander and cartilage from his ribs.

Did he make the right decision? Would you rather be the man with no nose or the man with a nose growing out of his forehead? I know which one I’d rather be.

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nose forehead

nose forehead china


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