Norwich City Fan Loved The Club So Much He Left £100 In His Will To Buy Players A Round Of Drinks After He Died

What a legend.

A Norwich City fan who died aged 83 on December 28th left £100 in his will to the Premier League club to buy a round of drinks for the players.

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According to the Eastern Daily Press, Barrie Greaves was born in Norwich in 1936 and became a fan of the Canaries when he was 10, thanks to his granddad. He was a longtime season-ticket holder until 2018, when he stopped going to games due to health issues. However he continued to listen to games on the radio (I guess he didn’t have BT Sport?).

Greaves’ youngest daughter, Dr. Sarah Greaves, told the Press:

He always told me that he would give £100 to the players in his will. He wanted to give it to them to thank them for their entertainment through the good times and the bad.

What an awesome idea and gesture from Barrie Graves and respect to Norwich City for getting the drinks in and Tweeting it out. They’re dead last in the Premier League right now and will probably be relegated at the end of the season so I’m sure they’re all very grateful for a drink (well it looks like they’re drinking water to be fair but let’s just pretend for the sake for the story).

The best part is Barrie got to watch his team promoted to the Premier League one last time before he passed away, and I guess it’s sort of a silver lining he won’t have to see them relegated again. A true football fan regardless and another example of why it’s known as the beautiful game.

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